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Dubsado Form Templates | Lead Capture + Discovery Call Notes

Dubsado Form Templates | Lead Capture + Discovery Call Notes

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Grab these one-click form templates so that you can be confident your forms are created with strategy in mind! Plus, they both include tips and tricks for making the best use of the form!

Y'all. These aren't fancy - but they are FUNCTIONAL. But, why aren't they fancy? Well, two reasons:

1. The Lead Capture Form should be embedded on your website - so the form fields is all you need. If you are not embedding the form on your site (sharing a direct link instead), you will likely want to add some additional aesthetics like your business logo.

2. The Discovery Call Notes Form is an internal-use only form - your clients will never see this. This form acts as a place for you to outline your discovery calls, take notes during the call and use them throughout your entire client journey.


  • You will receive an email with a link to access your resources.
  • Be logged in to your Dubsado account.
  • Click on the Form Template link in the file and voila! The form will populate into your account, ready to be edited for your own use!
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